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My son Donald with his trophy buck!

October 25, 2004.... These last few storms have been awesome for deer hunters. Most hunters worth there salt have downed bucks the last few days.

Crocker Ridge has been great with lots of good size bucks coming out of the D-6 area. My son Donald got a huge one, a 6x5 and according to Taxidermist Richard Bernetti its one of the biggest racks he has seen for a California Deer.

We will see what kind of job he does on the mount in about 8 months.

The deer hunting in zone D-5 has been tremendous also with Blaine Wilson of Modesto and Ken Moore of Ripon bagging nice deer, no monsters but some forky's and three pointers for the dinner table.

In the miss range there are lots of hunters out there that have buck fever I guess because they are getting shots but they are either missing are shooting blanks!

Check that scope and make sure you haven t knocked it off line, one little bump and you can be off a mile.
If its buck fever try to settle down and get a good rest, then hold your breath and squeeze the trigger, don t jerk it! A hunter should always try to make that first shot a good one and don't rush it if possible!

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